The Uncivilised Human

How often we have heard our friend say, especially a male friend particularly talking to another male friend that: "Agar yeh mil jaye na kahi toh iski ma ki ****, vo dekh saali ki g*** kitni mast hai, oye Deepak apun sey panga mat liyo Delhi gangrape suna hai na bhai, bhai dekh hume chahiye c*** tuh kahi sey bhi jugar laga, sala shant betha rehta hai jarur chamar hoga, beta yeh India hai yaha apne hisaab sey jeena guna hai isliye bhai post grad karne Denmark jaunga aor vahi settle ho jaunga, Kaha angrez aor kaha hum tussi Russian prostitute dekhe ho.

Bh***!, Mad******!, Behen****!, Hara*****!, Rund**!, Dalit!, Ma ki ****! are terms which have replaced the very Namaskar and Kaise ho aap thus, becoming an integral part of our vocabulary today. 

There was a time when this sky painted blue by the rays was our world and source of inspiration; gazing at which relieved us from our sorrow and restlessness that results in all the ills we see around us. The sky is nothing much of a treasure with which we can fulfil all our material wishes, but a blank blue sometimes embroidered with clouds of different shapes and sizes. Yet so profound awakening the artist within the lives of mortals like us. Nameless flowers of red, pink and blue blossoming ever jubilantly under the sunlight, and filled with a serene glamour under the moonlight; who could deny such companions who extend their love even after being plucked by greedy hands, winning the heart of one's maiden. 

The whispering and quivering leaves of proud trees shower on you even though your sense of gratitude is indifferent to the air you breathe, and doesn't make you think twice before carving a heart with an arrow pierced through it as a sign to your lover. 

Sparrows chirp in a symphony, and give birth to a chorus sweet and unheard. Unable to hear because our mind is all wrapped up in delusions which hold no meaning, never did in the present moment we wish and crave for the mountains though the same heaven exists where we are. 

Buddha once said to his disciple: "If your mind is pure then the land where you live is pure, and if your mind is impure then your land too is impure."

Thus, unhappiness wreaks our lives and also that of those around cause quite unfortunately an unhappy man cannot make another happy. 

Crime is rampant throughout our rich land of India, whether among the poor or rich we are looking for salvation in things whether endless money, cars, mansions, lust though the bottom is nothing more than a dark abyss we are incessantly digging in the hollow darkness hoping that someday some treasure is to be found. 

Our great saints because of whom spirituality blossomed like a Lotus from the midst of a muddy pool which being the reason why our civilisation and culture remained intact even after endless hordes of invaders entered our land to make it their own, had realised that only within this mortal flesh true satisfaction and bliss is to be found, and thus nowhere outside.

A red car and mansion shall satisfy your pride, a mate shall satisfy your belonging but what more shall satisfy the rest of your mind and heart; sings the saints of India.

Our material wants are necessary for our survival, but without spirituality a man is an animal in the flesh of a human being.

Mehrauli murder case (Upendra Shukla)

                                                               -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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