Eternity And Romance

A song unheard and sweet, it's words carried a meaning capable of bringing about a change in the hearts of countless who are craving for someone to be with till the end of their days. Their hearts have turned coarse and unclean after being betrayed and abused repeatedly just because they thought this world to be an ideal place one often sees in one's dreams. 

She sighed and sang, sometimes in whispers and sometimes in an unrestrained ecstasy so that her voice imbued with the feelings of her heart and mind shall get conveyed to her lover who lives in her wake; such is the passion of youth when one's energy to thrive is at its peak and perrenial but, unable to pass on to one's old age. Thus, perenniality remains with the young and is characteristic of youthfulness. 

When young a man or a woman wishes to conquer everything there is to see and touch in this world only to realize in the end that life is much more, transcending both birth and death not to forget our transient body. 

While we're young we live forever, and it appears to us that our present state is eternal so falling in love is a must as the fascination and pleasure this bond carries will last for eternity though quite evidently it is not so.

He meandered towards her beauty which had no match as man is drawn to beauty in contrast to a woman who is drawn more towards his heart encompassing looks and appearances. They held hands in silence and serenity oblivious of the chaos and noise that shook the air, earth and sky.

She sat on a smooth pedestal made of the bark of a tree whose blessing and shadow was on her as she smiled through the rays that kissed her face. The sun was setting in the space between them as their tryst slowly and naturally unfolded. The man stood tall and stared deep into her eyes, suffused in its blue and black colours. 

They knew if sorrow and dissatisfaction fails to separate them, death inevitably will cause no matter how great a man shall become his present form is bound to perish and nourish the soil. Thus, material possesions are of what use then?

They gifted each other their heart so that love blossoms in the thousand births to come, and is not restricted to the lust of their impermanent physique. 

Indian Photographers

"He can no longer identify with his body-mind-complex, which is subject to birth, change, decay and death. He gains the unshakable conviction that he is the eternal divine spirit- deathless and birthless".
                                                          - Swami Bhaskarananda  (Essentials Of Hinduism)

                                                         - Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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