An Ideal Dream

I was surrounded by friends who accepted me even though I was annoying as they understood it is my very nature; unique to only me. Many a times I kept a beard and sometimes I didn't for a change but none did ever mind because they were my true friends who lived as individuals respecting each other's individuality.

Sometimes I decked my brow with an ochre mark in the shape of a flame; mark of strength and zeal. The mark never mattered as much as my conduct as a human being did so descending from the shore of a temple I was greeted by my friends as I always have been cause the mark of my faith didn't change the man who I am. There was no need for me to adjust neither was there any need for them to do the same cause we were friends. 

I was an individual- free and boundless like the sparrow scrounging and chirping with those of his kind without any expectations to fulfil in order to be with those of his kind. We danced when it rained, sat silent and meditated under a nameless tree during summers, played cricket like wild when spring took over the earth and felt the coarse embrace of the leaves during autumn. At the end of my days I wrote a diary of all the great adventures, joys and moments I have lived through not leaving a single season, day or night. I closed the diary and kept it gently on the table to be kissed by the bright rays of the sun that proliferated through my open window. 

I visualized my parents, friends and well-wishers as I prepared to leave for my next existence. As I was about to take my last breath I declared to my eternal self: "I have lived this life as I wanted to, surrounded by those who led their life as they wanted to never bothering to question who I am! Ah! what a wonderful life this has been, now where shall I go next?

Children dream of fairies, young dream of love, old men dream of their past but this is my dream; an ideal dream.

Indian Photographers

"Let thy go Sanyasi, Om Tatsat, Om Tatsat- You are the ultimate existence in sync with the universe, you are much more than this skin of sperm and blood!"
                                                                                                - Swami Vivekanand

                                   -Rajshwii Bhattacharjee


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