World Cup


India beat Australia by 36 runs, instilling a sense of tough competition amongst all the other teams contesting in the World Cup. The pacers Bhuveneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bhumrah made an immediate name after the match with Australia through their skilful and fast bowling. Fearsome batsman such as Aaron Finch and David Warner, not to forget Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell who have a knack for hitting the ball in all directions for fours and sixes failed to show their form in front of India's outstanding bowling. 

Kuldeep didn't turn out as successful as he had been with South Africa but Chahal filled the gap by taking the wicket of seemingly ominous Glenn Maxwell. This match proves that India has prepared well, and may turn out to be heavy on New Zealand which is an equally strong team compared to Australia. The World Cup somehow has the power to draw even those who never watch a cricket match; the players whose names reside at the tip of our tongues suddenly become known in a whole new light especially the in form players who seem to deprive all other famous personalities of their fame during the time of the World Cup.

TV ads further add flavour and excitement in the atmosphere surrounding the World Cup; making one feel the rivalry between nations more intensely. 

A simple game of bat and ball suddenly gets covered by colourful apparels becoming a symbol of national pride and glory. The luckiest people alive during such an auspicious time are those cheering their teams from the pavilion; even more luckier are those rare individuals who get a chance to catch a six.

Tournaments are held throughout the year in which a wooden bat and a leather ball become determinants of strength and pride whether the famous IPL or ODI. But in the case of the World Cup, mere attributes of strength and pride transform into life and death. The World Cup is the cup of all cups a team plays for at all levels of Cricket. 

The sonorous voice still rings in the minds of millions of Indians- ''And India lift the World Cup''; not to forget the shining and smiling face of Kapil Dev!

                                                                           -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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