Rebellion Kissed By Violence

A huge statue of Buddha in a meditative posture proudly beckons to us to achieve the same state of life that he had through his sacrifice and tenacity ; so that not only those of his generation but many more to come in the future which includes us can become happy or enlightened and thus enjoy the benefits in not only one birth but forever.

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The purpose of every man on this earth is happiness; it is the primary or only motive behind every deed or accomplishment a man aims in his life.

A man who adores gangsters seeks happiness through murder, burglary, fear, power and a silver coated gun in his hand whose bullets never end. He looks for happiness in such a way of life though one can only see misery, pain and rage.

A prostitute seeks happiness through her vagina, and pleasure granted by men of the same mind as her is where salvation lay, she thinks. She sacrifices her beautiful body for happiness but all one can see is misery and helplessness.

Robin Williamson, gifted with the rare benefit of talent with which he achieved immeasurable fame and fortune; above all a million smiles across the globe died a miserable death cause happiness still eluded him. So, what purpose did all his accolades serve?

Valmiki and Angulimal took the lives of over a hundred people before they realised the futility of their endeavour ; they sought happiness in greed and murder but one could only see distress and delirium. In their case realisation helped them to experience true happiness which became an invisible shield helping them to overcome their fierce karma along with the sufferings of old age, sickness and death!

Social movements and revolutions are collective aspirations of people to attain happiness. The most celebrated social movement of the west which they termed as the ''Hippy revolt" or ''Hippy revolution'' of which the young sing songs as a wish to return back to, was driven by a profound belief that by breaking all conventional norms happiness could be realised by an entire generation; like a nation feels after lifting the World Cup.

The Bhakti-Sufi movement of India in which those who had the strength to leave everything for the sake of the truth were seen as great overshadowing those who sat on a heap of wealth and sensuous desires. The inherent surge and curiosity to discover the mysteries of life and death, the experience of karma and enlightenment defined the general conversations, actions and lives of the ordinary people.

Sanyasis and Sufi-saints held the same position in our society which the superstars and cricketers hold today. Ink and voice were the weapons which gave birth to words facilitating one's endeavour to find the meaning of life: thus allaying the thirst of many spiritually starving.

Happiness has always been the goal of humanity: crime, wealth, fame, revolutions, non-violent struggles, art, literature, creativity, renunciation, the simplest of materials like acquiring a sharpener or spoon all have a purpose that is contributing to our happiness!

Absolute happiness still eludes us, and seems an impossible treasure of which one has only read, heard and wrote of. Absolute happiness is nothing but a state of one's mind which is neither affected by loneliness or a room full of companions nor can the six worlds which rule one's mind: hunger, animality, jealousy, anger, hell, rapture vanquish its equanimity.

                      A rebel you are my son,
a rebel indeed.
You oppose the norm, you oppose your father
you oppose your thought- to what end you
 wish to meet.

Love is your rebellion,
words are your rebellion,
your faith is in rebellion
thus, your purpose is

Why do you rebel, and seek
something better in it?

Use your fist and fury
and crush every being and thing,
you'll see neither in violence nor in rebellion
bliss was ever to be found!

                                          -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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