India: Discovering Sex

The entire nation stood up together at the time of the tragic Nirbhaya ordeal so that the perpetrators face the consequence befitting their heinous crime. The word ''Nirbhaya'' has become so common that reporters and editors often include it whenever writing a news report on rape and murder; indicating that brave girl who fought till the end opening the eyes of the ignorant at the national level.

 Many term this age of technology and development as Kalyug: rife with conflict and turmoil both within and without the lives of the ordinary people. The way our society is treating its women who are the foundation of any society across the globe, and even in other planets where through sexual reproduction life is introduced (though they may not be termed as woman there) proves that Kalyug is at its peak whose roots have dug deep, and are still aiming to dig deeper. 

Indian songs which are being composed (though not all) in order to gain fame by gratifying the impulse of the young whose craving for lust finds expression in cacophonous music and salacious lyrics often termed as 'Desi' is an apparent reflection of the minds of men in today's age. One can hear the blaring cacophony of these songs on the streets: speakers carried by trucks whose booming seem to make the earth quake wreak havoc in the atmosphere around, wherever they go. 

These meaningless and sensuous songs can be better visualised when a man and a woman dance in such a way enabling both to touch and caress each other in the most intimate way possible. Their each step is enough to titillate both sexes, and a mild replacement of porn for many. 

Bhojpuri Dhamaka crossing 50+ million views across India

This is but one example expounding the thinking of today's men with respect to the opposite sex who often dreams himself to be the one on the left. Molestation and lusty remarks aren't something extraordinary, if this is what men today enjoy on television and social media sites. 

Absence of education and illiteracy strengthen our animal instincts, for our mind is blank and oblivious of the world in which we live; the magnificence of the sky, green leaves and the soft earth remains hidden and unnoticed. As for the sun it is seen as nothing more than a bright dot whose brightness can blind you if you stare at it for too long. 

                                                            -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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