An Upside Down World

The title may sound confusing and senseless or one may say it is something often heard from old folks who are unable to comprehend the young; the rulers of the present generation. Well, being young anyone would say the old are fools and nothing more than a big hindrance on our path to glory and change which if subjected to further rumination one is prone to this realisation that they are not completely wrong in opposing the young.

The open and way too liberal culture of the west, especially the Hippie movement of the 1960s have become a source of tremendous inspiration when it comes to rebellion against social norms and codes of conduct that govern a particular society. The young brimming with energy and vitality are always eager to correct what they think to be wrong; so terms like change, rebellion, revolution allure them like blooming flowers allure bees. Many a times driven by impulse they fail to respect and understand other people's views and thinking though fighting for independent thinking and freedom. 

The youth today in the name of freedom and bliss has become directionless and lost in mindless pleasures unable to decide what is wrong and right and what being the correct way of life. Thus most of this precious youth is being squandered away on things that have no value or substance. 

Etiquettes and manners have now been labelled as vintage and one who believes in them is socially ostracised whether in schools or colleges. Being good and respectworthy makes one infamous amongst the youth because you are seen as against the concept of 'badass' which is considered to be the mother of all concepts. 

It doesn't mean rebellion is not a good thing or is meant to take the youth in a wrong direction but the very idea of rebellion needs to be pondered upon and checked before basing our actions in accord with that idea. 

Taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, bullying, forbidden sex in the name of love- these are some of the forms of rebellion displayed by today's youth which is turning out to be nothing fruitful but suffering both for themselves and their well wishers. Movies, advertisements and social media quite unambiguously supports such ideals helping to put a veil over the degradation family and relationships that constitute the foundation of a society are facing, worsening the present scenario of the youth further.

Art by Hruditya Mohan

                                                                                              -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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