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An Upside Down World

The title may sound confusing and senseless or one may say it is something often heard from old folks who are unable to comprehend the young; the rulers of the present generation. Well, being young anyone would say the old are fools and nothing more than a big hindrance on our path to glory and change which if subjected to further rumination one is prone to this realisation that they are not completely wrong in opposing the young. The open and way too liberal culture of the west, especially the Hippie movement of the 1960s have become a source of tremendous inspiration when it comes to rebellion against social norms and codes of conduct that govern a particular society. The young brimming with energy and vitality are always eager to correct what they think to be wrong; so terms like change, rebellion, revolution allure them like blooming flowers allure bees. Many a times driven by impulse they fail to respect and understand other people's views and thinking though fighting fo

India: Discovering Sex

The entire nation stood up together at the time of the tragic Nirbhaya ordeal so that the perpetrators face the consequence befitting their heinous crime. The word ''Nirbhaya'' has become so common that reporters and editors often include it whenever writing a news report on rape and murder; indicating that brave girl who fought till the end opening the eyes of the ignorant at the national level.  Many term this age of technology and development as Kalyug: rife with conflict and turmoil both within and without the lives of the ordinary people. The way our society is treating its women who are the foundation of any society across the globe, and even in other planets where through sexual reproduction life is introduced (though they may not be termed as woman there) proves that Kalyug is at its peak whose roots have dug deep, and are still aiming to dig deeper.  Indian songs which are being composed (though not all) in order to gain fame by gratifying the impulse

World Cup

Wikipedia India beat Australia by 36 runs, instilling a sense of tough competition amongst all the other teams contesting in the World Cup. The pacers Bhuveneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bhumrah made an immediate name after the match with Australia through their skilful and fast bowling. Fearsome batsman such as Aaron Finch and David Warner, not to forget Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell who have a knack for hitting the ball in all directions for fours and sixes failed to show their form in front of India's outstanding bowling.  Kuldeep didn't turn out as successful as he had been with South Africa but Chahal filled the gap by taking the wicket of seemingly ominous Glenn Maxwell. This match proves that India has prepared well, and may turn out to be heavy on New Zealand which is an equally strong team compared to Australia. The World Cup somehow has the power to draw even those who never watch a cricket match; the players whose names reside at the tip of our tongues sudden

Rebellion Kissed By Violence

A huge statue of Buddha in a meditative posture proudly beckons to us to achieve the same state of life that he had through his sacrifice and tenacity ; so that not only those of his generation but many more to come in the future which includes us can become happy or enlightened and thus enjoy the benefits in not only one birth but forever. Indian photographers The purpose of every man on this earth is happiness; it is the primary or only motive behind every deed or accomplishment a man aims in his life. A man who adores gangsters seeks happiness through murder, burglary, fear, power and a silver coated gun in his hand whose bullets never end. He looks for happiness in such a way of life though one can only see misery, pain and rage. A prostitute seeks happiness through her vagina, and pleasure granted by men of the same mind as her is where salvation lay, she thinks. She sacrifices her beautiful body for happiness but all one can see is misery and helplessness.