Severe Addiction

The prospect of smoking, taking drugs with weed being the most accessible, cheap and popular. Thinking of porn as the best profession in which you can earn money from pleasure and become famous at the same time through today's technology by satisfying the eyes of many seeking gratification. Though, none will ever desire for an autograph still at least many will see you perform your act, won't they?

This addiction is what in which all of us are trying to find something meaningful which we are unable to experience in our day-to-day mundane endeavours; whether in school, college, office, home, family, beau, friend, car, mansion, wealth- the list extends to infinity. Addiction is a route of escapism as our mind is hard to control, and is the reason behind all our sufferings and sorrow. So in order to escape the restlessness we become suffused in one form of addiction or another. 

The lifeless sky may appear Crimson bright as if gazing at the setting sun from the shore of an endless ocean. The leafless tree suddenly began to grow Tulips on the ends of its countless branches, and danced boisterously showering tiny petals on the bosom of the damp earth. Walls of confinement may develop cracks and break down to the call of the free birds that have conquered the sky with their wings. Towering effigies of kings, sages and revolutionaries shall come to life and make a new mark in this new age. Love will flower into marriage, and the words "Happily ever after" will echo in your deaf ears but, for how long will this illusory state of ecstasy last?

We plunge ourselves into addiction, so that life becomes the opposite of what it is- a dream. For how long will we dig outside our being made of sperm and blood! For how long will we derive meaning from all that is meaningless and hollow!

-Bliss is in the mind, pure is in the mind
 so is sorrow and the impure!