Renaissance Of Peace

A young boy of nineteen who resided in the rich land of colours, faiths and cultures sought a path less travelled by or as he believed a path travelled by none before him. The path neither led to glory and fame nor to fortune and pleasure as a secular average man may think. The path was laden with pointed-edged pebbles and thorns plucked from the stem of a bouquet of pink roses; which have transformed the once small patch of land into a garden welcoming to the eyes. He dared to walk on the path, severing his legs then while crawling his hands too. He looked solemnly at his palms which bled profusely, but continued nevertheless as this six foot vessel of ours is bound to get destroyed, and mix with the very earth on which I stand and dream today. 

If we move from metaphor to reality, you'll recognise the path as everyday life; the thorns and pebbles being your karma and people full of deceit. The young boy, tortured physically and mentally from dawn to dusk for sages and bodhisattvas are tested by abuse and apathy whose source is none other than the minds of the deluded. They grinned at him, threw sticks at him, cursed him and gave themselves to the devil who ruled their minds. He sat silent and calm, wearing an unflinching smile on his fair face as he knew karma leaves no being, and one is bound to expiate whether in the next moment or next lifetime. 

His mind was in sync with the universe, and a drop of nectar emerged from his lips- "Nam-Myo-Ho-Renge-Kyo" whose melody transcended all other noise around. From the strings of his sitar rang the name of Ram, and from the beat of his heart Mahadev rose as an echo "Har Har Mahadev". The Bhakti movement, and the Vedic era are considered to be sheer bygones whose names are enough to be mentioned in History books and have no relevance with today's dynamic world. 

A change in the heart and mind to seek the unseen, untouched and unknown; like Shankaracharya, Valmiki and Buddha who are the true role models of our history, culture, tradition and religion. Unlike those of the west which has existed as a civilisation on this earth only for two thousand years, and are yet to discover life. 

Upanishad and Geeta along with the Lotus sutra lay wide open in front of us, their words ceaselessly calling us to remember what we already know from the beginning less past.  

                                                            -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


  1. Well written Rajshwii. Yes, those pearls of wisdom are relevant even today.


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