Celebrity, Obsession,Reflection

She pirouetted on the world stage shining like a goddess who has descended from the moon on the earth. Her face fairer than the fairest, her lips redder than any rose that has blossomed on this earth and her eyes: as if the once azure blue sky of a pollution free spring. Her every move gifted a profound meaning to the consciousness of millions who witnessed her in awe. Her physical form was perfect enough to drive any man whether a fool or wise, muscular or skinny, extremist or pacifist towards her knees and beg her to be his forever. 

She never paid heed to the fact that her physical form is bound to get destroyed like this very planet which had once taken birth; even if she survives for a hundred years through prayers and good health, she will die the very next day. Thus, her physical form disappearing into oblivion. 

Death can take you when you're an infant,
death can take you when you're sixteen,
death can take you when you're hundred.
Death looms at every corner and at all times;
leaving not even a rock which erodes to
extinction when the river flows through it
for a thousand years.

She thought her beauty was enlightenment thus, sorrow ripped her apart as beauty held no meaning after a short while, and alas she died!

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He drank till he vomited, ruining the oval shaped glass table of his on which bottles of rum and half-filled glasses stood tall. He saw everything blur, even his thoughts appeared blur: the colours he knew had turned pixelated and unclear as if he became blind in both eye and mind. There was a pleasure he sought through all that rum that could free him from what caged his mind , and obstructed his happiness. He sought that same pleasure in smoking, syringe, masturbation, promiscuous sex, playstation but though pleasure he did achieve for a while he never became happy.

He became obsessed with pleasure and tried to swim deep in the shallow water of pleasure but could find no pearl. His physical form deteriorated and lost its health for him to attain happiness and freedom but to no avail. His past remained memoryless, present lay squandered and future trapped in a mire of hopelessness. He kept searching for everlasting peace in obsession and died trying. 

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A young man after observing the sorrow-filled, restless life of both these figures who had acquired money, fame and pleasure at its peak sat quiet under the only tree in a city characterised by concrete, heat and smoke. Dead leaves fell on him as he sat still with his eyes closed, and strove to find out why this mind is bothering him so much. He saw war which bestows death and destruction, and quite fascinatingly no being or thing outside was the reason behind all that he saw but his mind.

He saw a man murdering his brother for his father's will, and then raping his wife to death for he had already turned an animal the moment he thought of killing to satisfy his greed.

He saw a naked woman beckoning to him, and her eyes affixed at him. His penis suddenly grew erect, instilling a strong belief in him that in her vagina he shall find the lasting joy he seeks. The pleasure was indescribable like the burning cigarette, drug loaded syringe, a bottle of wine and masturbation. But alas, he remained the same, so did his mind and thus his life too. 

He neither ran after fame nor obsession like the other two but could experience both in his mind as he continued meditating. War, crime and addiction in which  the young have plunged deep is a reflection of what he saw in his mind.

When he opened his eyes he had attained freedom and peace though his hands were empty, and no crowd cheered for him!



                 -Rajshwii Bhattacharya


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