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   What is good karma and what is bad karma?           

I bring ruin to a man and snatch away all his wealth and status- Isn't this victory?
I defeat him in a duel, and raise my arms high beckoning to the gods to take notice of my rise- Isn't this glory?
I abuse him from the bottom of my heart,and think I have shed all that murky I possess within assuming myself to be free and at ease- Isn't this bliss?
I cut my wrist with a blade in order to suppress the mental pain through my own created physical pain; as I realised the love of my life was just an illusion- Is this love?

A poet discovers the subtle aspects unseen in one's day-to-day life from the simplest of conversations to the most complex of conflicts. This subtle nature unrecognised by an ordinary man holds supreme value, and is considered to be beyond ordinary; thus poets are not found in the ordinary world but in a world of their own. He jots down his discovery by drawing colours from the ever beautiful nature, and is least bothered about fame and recognition which comes automatically when he is pushed by the necessity of money. 

A man buys flowers for his wife, but she wants something more than flowers; that he becomes a good man whom she could adore. The man becomes disappointed via fails to understand her heart, thus both remain in the dark with respect to each other. 

A poet will understand both of their intentions, and express it in the form of a song whose melody could be interpreted by only reading the lyrics soundly in one's mind. 

An ordinary man can only see what it is but, a poet knows what it is!

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