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               Celebrity, Obsession,Reflection She pirouetted on the world stage shining like a goddess who has descended from the moon on the earth. Her face fairer than the fairest, her lips redder than any rose that has blossomed on this earth and her eyes: as if the once azure blue sky of a pollution free spring. Her every move gifted a profound meaning to the consciousness of millions who witnessed her in awe. Her physical form was perfect enough to drive any man whether a fool or wise, muscular or skinny, extremist or pacifist towards her knees and beg her to be his forever.  She never paid heed to the fact that her physical form is bound to get destroyed like this very planet which had once taken birth; even if she survives for a hundred years through prayers and good health, she will die the very next day. Thus, her physical form disappearing into oblivion.  Death can take you when you're an infant, death can take you when you're sixteen, death can take yo

Author Of Authors

   What is good karma and what is bad karma?            I bring ruin to a man and snatch away all his wealth and status- Isn't this victory? I defeat him in a duel, and raise my arms high beckoning to the gods to take notice of my rise- Isn't this glory? I abuse him from the bottom of my heart,and think I have shed all that murky I possess within assuming myself to be free and at ease- Isn't this bliss? I cut my wrist with a blade in order to suppress the mental pain through my own created physical pain; as I realised the love of my life was just an illusion- Is this love? A poet discovers the subtle aspects unseen in one's day-to-day life from the simplest of conversations to the most complex of conflicts. This subtle nature unrecognised by an ordinary man holds supreme value, and is considered to be beyond ordinary; thus poets are not found in the ordinary world but in a world of their own. He jots down his discovery by drawing colours from the ever beautifu

Renaissance Of Peace

A young boy of nineteen who resided in the rich land of colours, faiths and cultures sought a path less travelled by or as he believed a path travelled by none before him. The path neither led to glory and fame nor to fortune and pleasure as a secular average man may think. The path was laden with pointed-edged pebbles and thorns plucked from the stem of a bouquet of pink roses; which have transformed the once small patch of land into a garden welcoming to the eyes. He dared to walk on the path, severing his legs then while crawling his hands too. He looked solemnly at his palms which bled profusely, but continued nevertheless as this six foot vessel of ours is bound to get destroyed, and mix with the very earth on which I stand and dream today.  If we move from metaphor to reality, you'll recognise the path as everyday life; the thorns and pebbles being your karma and people full of deceit. The young boy, tortured physically and mentally from dawn to dusk for sages and

Severe Addiction

The prospect of smoking, taking drugs with weed being the most accessible, cheap and popular. Thinking of porn as the best profession in which you can earn money from pleasure and become famous at the same time through today's technology by satisfying the eyes of many seeking gratification. Though, none will ever desire for an autograph still at least many will see you perform your act, won't they? This addiction is what in which all of us are trying to find something meaningful which we are unable to experience in our day-to-day mundane endeavours; whether in school, college, office, home, family, beau, friend, car, mansion, wealth- the list extends to infinity. Addiction is a route of escapism as our mind is hard to control, and is the reason behind all our sufferings and sorrow. So in order to escape the restlessness we become suffused in one form of addiction or another.  The lifeless sky may appear Crimson bright as if gazing at the setting sun from the shore of